AI-automated Platform for Rapid & Precise Drug Design

Our user-friendly platform empowers you to automate, plan and seamlessly oversee all facets of multiple early stage small molecule drug discovery and drug repurposing projects, all in one place

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All our platforms are real-time, scalable products deployable in both cloud and on-premise environments. They feature a highly secure and infrastructure-agnostic architecture.


Our AI-augmented, data-intensive computing platforms significantly reduce drug discovery time from years to weeks.

Knowledge Discovery Platform

At the heart of all our products and solutions lies AI-powered Knowledge Discovery (KD), enabling us to efficiently curate vast datasets and extract valuable insights for our customers.

1. Data Sources

Empowered by powerful Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing software, driven by Generative AI designed for life sciences, we automate the curation of data from diverse sources and seamlessly integrate them to present evidence in the form of a knowledge graph.

2. Cause and effect network

We represent various biological entities, including genes, proteins, diseases, molecular functions, phenotypes, drugs, pathways, enzymes, and more, as ontology-based links. Users can effortlessly explore and navigate this interconnected network using our sophisticated API.

3. Up-to-date evidence

Our search engine rapidly ingests millions of data points, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date curation in just a few hours. With the latest insights at our fingertips, we guarantee error-free, cutting-edge innovations.

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