AI-automated Platform for Rapid & Precise Drug Design

Our user-friendly platform empowers you to automate, plan and seamlessly oversee all facets of multiple early stage small molecule drug discovery and drug repurposing projects, all in one place

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All our platforms are real-time, scalable products deployable in both cloud and on-premise environments. They feature a highly secure and infrastructure-agnostic architecture.


Our AI-augmented, data-intensive computing platforms significantly reduce drug discovery time from years to weeks.

Peptide Therapeutics

A scalable platform for the de novo design of peptides to meet unmet medical conditions.

Proprietary AI for peptide engineering

Using purpose-built supercomputing facilities and innovative AI algorithms, we explore uncharted chemical space to engineer peptides—the next-generation medicines—for previously undruggable targets and areas of interest.

Physics based modeling techniques

We systematically identify the finest binding peptides—synthesizable and selective, with optimized physicochemical and pharmacological properties. This is achieved through the rigorous application of state-of-the-art in-silico and physics-based modelling techniques.

Diverse and optimised

Our AI generative model produces a diverse array of peptides tailored to the therapeutic area, ultimately optimizing and screening out potentially toxic candidates.

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